Paper Marbling (Ebru)

Instructor: Cara DiGirolamo

Paper Marbling (Ebru).JPG

June 23 (SUNDAY)




*Registration required 24 hours prior to the start of class. 

The art of paper marbling, known as Ebru in Turkey, has been used for centuries to create decorative papers. Each act of marbling creates a unique print that can be used in the construction of book covers and end papers, calligraphy displays, matting for other artwork, scrapbooking, or as an art object in itself.

In this class we will marble paper using the Ebru style of marbling on carrageenan size with acrylic paint. Students will learn about the materials and processes involved in marbling paper, explore the techniques for creating both traditional and modern patterns, and use this knowledge in their individual creative expression.

Students may also try their hands at Japanese style paper marbling on water. Students may bring their own paper or fabric objects they wish to marble.

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