An ArtWorks schedule is currently being developed.

Group gallery tours and group art-making workshops stimulate language, emotion and imagination as individuals are encouraged to connect the works of art to their personal recollections. Art triggers both intellectual and emotional responses. At Gallery North, participants and care companions engage in art-making using a wide variety of mediums and techniques. Each participant leaves with an Artcard- reminders of the work that they make that day.

"Alzheimer's typically hits the memory area of the brain early, while sparing the area responsible for creativity. Art and music are perfect modalities for stimulating creativity areas" - Samual Gandy, Associate Director of the Mount Sinai Alzheimer's Research Center
"The program at Gallery North has been wonderful for my mother. I will never forget the first time that we attended. When we came out of the program, she was holding a collage she had made..."its not great", she said, and then she stood taller, her voice got stronger, and she beamed, "but I made it!". I almost cried. My mother is always happy when she comes to the gallery. It is a place of enjoyment for her."
Samantha Wuestman